Solar LED Lighting Systems

Maintenance free lights that are completely off the grid with no mains power required.

Incorporating High-Efficiency LED from ranging from 20 to 80 watts, providing the same amount of light on the street as HID lights that have far higher wattage. The long-lasting LED effectively eliminates normal maintenance required for HID lighting. Powering the lights are highly efficient photovoltaic Solar Panel uses sun energy collected through the day to charge highly efficient long life span lithium-ion batteries that feature super high power densities allowing years of uninterrupted lighting for your application.
The lights feature Smart IR technology that senses when someone is in the area and increases the light level resulting in savings in battery life so you will never have to worry about the lights going out despite days of low light and rain conditions
The light is encased in a high-quality outer casing that is fully weather resistant to IP65 standards
Installation is simple with no electrician or electrical infrastructure needed for installing the lights.
They mount to existing light poles in both horizontal and vertical mounting options and in a range of pole diameters. We can also provide you with the poles to suit for new installations or provide an onsite fully installed service.

solar street lighting industrial
solar street lighting industrial