Project Description

There should be no doubt that in regenerating of carbon SIZE DOES MATTER! Yet incorrect kiln design is almost the norm rather than the exception.

CADIA Custom Rotary Kilns are based around process first and foremost.  Designed to ensure correct residence time at hold temperature of 20 minutes –not 10 minutes, they ensure stable progressive feed of your carbon with reliable three zone heating with independent controls, robust thermal lifter designs, co-current movement of reaction products and correct thermal conduction area and bed thickness defining retort size.

In Gold Adsorption carbon activity is your most important factor. Guaranteed 90%+ regeneration activity for fresh carbon.

Rotary Kilns also available for other processes, including uranium pre-drying and roasting, fly-ash treatment, reactivation processes and more.


  • Feed Rates Available     50—1400 kg/hr
  • Moisture Content           50—1400 kg/hr
  • Steam Requirement       Not required (steam generated in carbon regeneration processes by adsorbed moisture)
  • Feed Mechanism            VSD driven positive displacement SS304 screw feeder with wedgewire dewatering screen
  • Pre-drier                          Not required. Steam is generated by the feed carbon moisture.
  • Steam injection               Not required except for biox of heavy flocculant fouled applications.
  • Retort Tube                     AISI 321 SS retort Tolerances 0.05% roundness, 0.1% straightness End supported with EN8 casehardened riding and thrust rollers Integral Lifters designed for contraction and expansion of the retort
  • Casing                              Robust mild steel casing with lightweight ceramic fibre insulation Finished in high temperature silver painted finish
  • Heating System               Three (3) zone  thermally heat balanced PID controlled Independent three (3) zone overtemperature shutdown control. Duplex (control and overtemp thermocouples for each zone control Hearth mounted low temperature shutdown thermocouple Fuel Fired:   Tangentially fired non-impingement design Packaged FBR LPG/NG or Diesel fired burners

                                         Electric:         Dual side hanging heated design

                                                                 Rescal PRM  ‘rapid change’ element design

Drive System:                 Two independent drive systems for retort:

                                         VSD Bonfiglioli Geared Drive with Spragg clutch/chain drive

                                         24V DC Battery Backup Bonfiglioli Drive with 3 phase active monitoring, rotary encoder

                                         monitoring and low temperature shutdown

                                         Multi-system alarm monitoring and DC battery charging monitoring