Modular Gold Elution Plants

Fast track the accusation of your gold elution system.

Fast track the accusation of your gold elution and stipping plant with factory built & tested modules, that are shipped to your site and rapidly assembled into a full gold elution plant & goldroom anywhere in the world.

Pre-built modular designs remove risk, negate the need for a skilled workforce on site and reduce risk. You can be assured using one of our plants you will be on time and budget.

The operation of those plants is second to none with performances that push the envelope.
All of our plants use sound processes that developed from extensive experience & optimisation.

A sophisticated automated control system that takes care of the second by second operation of the process. Reducing the need for human oversight, resulting in highly safe systems that minimise human error & labour with an operational efficiency that you can expect from automation.

Because the plant is factory manufactured, the build is of a quality that is unmatched in traditional plants. Taking advantage of metropolitan-based skilled workers and factory-based construction, efficiencies and capital costs are surprisingly low

As you walk around the plant every pipe, every valve, every piece of equipment has been carefully considered from the ground up to be in its place with everything neatly arranged for the process, maintenance and to facilitate movement around the plant.

A goldroom built for gold.
The interior of the goldroom is spacious simple and clean; we have replaced the typical dark, dusty shed with a bright laboratory style clean room. You will be surprised how much room there is, despite being modular. The layout has been arranged to streamline workflow, and much effort was put into removing as much work as possible out of the day to day operations. For example; gone is the typical day to day heavy repetitive lifting task of cleaning cells instead the CS series cells are clean in place, where cleaning of the anodes and cathodes takes place in the cell without the need to remove and hoist to a separate cleaning station. On the ceiling is an overhead push-pull hoist with full floor coverage. This hoist features a design borrowed from factory assembly lines for its precise, rapid and easy use. Air quilty is second to none with a hygienic environment ensuring goldroom operators long term health is not at risk with a sophisticated ventilation system that has been designed to prevent exposure to toxins guaranteeing the long term protection of operators.

Our goldrooms are among the most secure in the world with fully encompassing heavy duty protection and come with a package security system to suit your site-specific requirements.

With no oversized modules, everything is shipped to your site using standard ISO shipping containers.

Standard sizes are for 1T 2T 3T 4T &6T Systems.

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