Extraction Systems

Effective Extraction and ventilation

Many extraction systems are found to be ineffective removing dangerous contaminants, this is particularly the case over hot high energy zones, such as, smelting furnaces or calcine ovens where high velocity particles and fumes can escape into the work area.

The health and safety of your staff is paramount to your success. The unseen dangers from ineffective ventilation are extremely common cause of staff blood screenings with high contaminant readings.

Those systems are monitored and assessed by the government department of mines resulting in a high number of notices issued.

After seeing many ineffective systems, we believed there is a better way of controlling and containing hazardous fumes, so we invented a new design of extraction hood that splits, slows, controls and disperses the initial energetic, high velocity flow, over a wide capturing surface. The flow is then controlled and directed into peripheral capture slots were it cannot escape.

low profile ventilation hood for foundry
extraction hood simulation