BAX Series Barring furnaces

Sophisticated Efficient Safe

When we designed the BAX series of smelting furnaces we’ve thrown out the rule book on mining design.

The first thing you will notice when controlling barring furnace, while standing anywhere in the room with the quality hand held remote wifi controller, is smooth and controlled pours. This is due to a special counter balance mechanism that reduces the torque requirement of the proportional electric programmable drive.

When the barring furnace is due for a liner replacement, this can be done anytime between pours as the new liners are completely replaceable delivered complete requiring less than a day to replace with minimal tools.

Features also include horizontal crucible loading and and pivoting lid. no more vertical of heavy handle-less crucibles under that annoyingly placed hood. Ideal for use under our FEMS series high capture rate, low profile extraction systems.

BAX gold barring smelting furnace
BAX gold barring smelting furnace
fea of FEMS barring furnace extraction hood